Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week 16!!!!

Week 16
This week my babies are the size of avocados. Soooo crazy I took this pic below tonight. It was weird holding them thinking, wow I can't believe the twins are this big, they barely fit in my hand.  I'm sure some people may think it's weirder that the girl allergic to avocado's happens to have 2 in her kitchen. HAHA!

Belly shot! This is my belly over the weekend. So nuts! It's growing so fast. If your curious why I have a giant 7 1/2 inch scar across my belly that's because I had my kidney removed, it wraps around to my back :) It's my favorite scar. I love making up random stories about how I got it ;)

This Picture is the coolest!!!! 
This picture is from They only do the twin pic's by month so this is the 16 week/4 month shot. I think my butt looks like hers SUPER FLAT! I lost my ass now that I no longer do all my gym classes :-( Oh my little avocado's, they are worth it :)  I received an email telling me to watch my language because the bones in the babies ear's are forming this week and they are beginning to hear. I thought that was funny. This week their weight will double. which is pretty crazy. I finally am gaining weight. I've gained 5 pounds since I first got pregnant. I did some comparisons today and found that my 2 babies are equivalent to one baby at week 21. which would look like this. Trippy!

I've been pretty stressed and emotional/sensitive this week. Looks like my hormones are setting in. Lots of tears. Weather I get my feelings hurt, I'm super happy, getting a bill in the mail or watching something sad on TV it has made me cry. Haha.. 

I've started working out a lot to help release all my pent up emotion and stress. It was so funny, the other day I was doing push-ups and when I went down my belly hit the floor before I lowered myself all the way down. That gave me a good laugh. I have 12 weeks left of "light" working out. At week 28 (the beginning of my 3rd trimester) I have to stop. By then I will probably be to huge and not want to do anything anyway. 

One thing I'm realizing right now is people love to touch pregnant people. It's so weird, I go for a hug and get a belly rub instead haha... Or people try to give me a shoulder rub (which is my biggest pet peeve). Or just walk up and touch my belly or lean on me or pet my hair. It's so weird. I hate being touched awkwardly and so it weird's me out. It happens a lot when I go to a bar where people are drunk and happy to see me and my belly. I think that's my biggest problem stop going to bars, normally I stop by to say hi after dinner with the girls and i drop them off at the bar where all the boyfriends/husbands are.  I need to get over it and fast because this is just the beginning. Once my belly gets bigger I'm going to get lots of belly touches/rubs. 

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  1. Hey Gina, your blog is Soo cute!! As for the belly rubbing, if you don't like it you're more than entitled to say so. Plus I think it's very improper to just touch someone without asking! Hope you, the babies, billy and the pups are doing well