Thursday, April 12, 2012

14 WEEKS & My First Prenatal Apt.

14 1/2 Weeks!!!!

Today I had my prenatal appointment. It was my first one so I really didn't know what to expect. It was actually really strange. My doctor uses a lap top to track all her patents and right when she walked in the room her lap top froze. So she couldn't see what I have and haven't done test and lab work wise. So I felt like she was just winging it. She told me that I'm going to be getting a ton of ultrasounds in the near future. (FINE WIT ME) So she busted out the hand held heart monitor and could only find 1 baby's heart beat and so she quickly rushed me over to the ultrasound room to make sure the other baby was okay. Thankfully all is well in my belly. The twins got so big and were cuddling together and looked like they were sleeping. They kept banging there heads together though it was kind funny. So we got about literally 1 minute of ultrasound time, with no pictures :( But I guess for this type of appointment I wasn't suppose to get an ultrasound so we got super lucky :) Unfortunitly since the computer was down they didn't find out till 5:30pm that I was suppose to go to the main hospital to do more blood work :( so now I have to find time to go down there so that it doesn't disrupt my work schedule :-\ 

My hormones are so wacky my face and back have totally broken out :( Damn pregnant acne. So I made the expensive commitment to purchase a Clairsonic. I got the top of the line one and ordered the acne brush head. I can't wait to get it in the mail I'm soooo excited!!! The not so exciting part is once I get it I hear your face might break out the worst its ever been because everything is clearing out of your pores. Luckily it only lasts 2 weeks and then it's clear skin sky's from then on (if used regularly). Woo Hoo.

Since I'm pregnant I'm looking for alternatives for clearing my problematic skin. I found on YouTube the Honey Cinnamon mask and gave it a try tonight. I call it my poop mask. It looks soooo ridiculously gross. haha.... After I washed it off I put a thick layer of Aloe Vera gel on my face. It's really soothing and makes my skin feel SUPER soft and helps ease the pain from my blemishes. 

Baby Gina! Probably around 18 months when I was a lower case g 

Here I am as a baby probably afraid to go play on the playground cause I was a scaredy cat mama's girl.

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