Sunday, April 29, 2012

17 weeks

I'm 17 weeks preggo!!! Yay!

Today I got outta the house for a bit and met some friends for lunch at The Rock Bottom. After that we went and saw what I thought was the dumbest movie ever, it was sooo weird It's called The Cabin in the Wood's. It was really strange and hard to follow. Definitely a one of a kind movie. I just didn't get it click here for the trailer. After that I met up with some other friends went to Nordstrom Rack and Target. While walking to Target I saw these cute little twins with their Dad. He had the stuffed animal backpack leases on them which worked well for him cause they kept trying to go off in different directions. They were so cute though :)

Tonight I found this Video and it's so very cool and shows you the process of conception :)

This weekend I've had a lot of cramping meaning the babies are growing which is good. I feel like I'm getting bigger by the day and definitely look it. On Friday I felt the babies move from outside my stomach it was sooooo cool. I was laying in bed about to fall asleep when I felt a big sneeze coming so I put my hands on my lower belly and sneezed a HUGE sneeze and with my hand I felt a kick and then felt one baby move across the lower part of my stomach. It was sooooo cool, it really made my week :)

My allergies have been absolutely horrible, my nose and throat are super itchy and I've been sneezing giant sneezes.  I'm really sad the weekends over. The only exciting thing is that I took this Friday off for my Birthday Weekend. YAY!!! I can't believe I'm turning 29. I feel so young and definitely not 29 :) But this is going to be such a great year so I'm pretty stoked on that. Hopefully I'll fall asleep soon. I'm having lots of bad cramping as we speak.

 This last week the babies doubled in weight and are finally gaining body fat. And it sure feels like it! Right now they are 5 inches a piece and the size of onions haha......
The baby websites tell me this week I will become very emotional, have weird dreams and have itchy boobs and Belly. Which I read that and said Ummm I think your are a week late those were all my symptoms last week. ha! My stomach is soooo itchy and braking out in a rash cause my skin is stretching and irritated. My dreams have been weird for Weeks now and as of last weeks I've been a emotional wreak crying almost everyday. With the exception of yesterday and today. Woo Hoo!!!

Well its 11:30pm and I'd best get my butt to bed. Goodnight!!!

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