Sunday, April 15, 2012

15 Weeks, Cribs and Allergies!!!

Yesterday Marks 15 weeks Pregnant Woo Hoo!!!! Nothing has really changed still waves of mild cramping every so often while the babies go through there growth spurt. Right now the babies are 4 inches a piece :) 

Yesterday the Cribs arrived from Buy Buy Baby! Huge thanks to My Dad and his Fiance Mary who bought us 2 amazing cribs from the Walnut Creek store and paid for them to drive them up to San Jose for us :) 

We need to clean the carpets in the back room before we can set them up but I'm so excited that the babies room is coming together. People may think Wow you guys are ahead of the game and doing things so soon considering I'm only15 weeks pregnant. But because I'm having twins I have to make sure I get everything set up on time in case I get put on bed rest and can't leave the house. 

After the cribs came I took buddy to the Los Gatos Creek Trail with my friend Kristy. We usually do this every Saturday but haven't gotten to the last few weeks with all the rainy weather. It was a super nice day and nice to get out of the house. As soon as I got home my allergies kicked in and I've been absolutely miserable and laid out ever since. I haven't had allergies this bad in I don't know how long. I have been avoiding taking anything but my prenatals since I've gooten pregnant but I broke down today and bought Benadryl which just made me pass out. My Neti pot has not helped any. Tonight I took a Steamy bath and that helped a little. I've even broken out in a rash, I feel like I'm allergic to everything!

The one thing I really want to take is Local Honey because I know that works for me. But with all the research I've done there are a ton of mixed reviews about unpasteurized honey and weather or not it's safe. Considering pasteurizing honey is a whole different process then pasteurizing meats, cheeses, milk, juice, etc. It's super confusing. I may need to email my doctor and fast because I'm absolutely miserable. I read at week 15 in to your pregnancy your mucus ducts swell so things like allergies can seem extra severe. And they do, Boo!!! Even Buddy's allergies have gotten bad, poor little lamb!

Buddy super excited to hit the trail.

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