Monday, April 16, 2012

Babies and Butterfly's!!!

15 weeks
So I've been wondering how long does it take a girl to feel two babies in her stomach? Gezz!!!! I've only felt them 3 times before today. The first time was 11 weeks. Well I'm 15 weeks now and this morning was the lucky day. As I got to work feeling absolutely miserable with allergies I noticed a ton of moment going on in my stomach. I usually go through a few questions is your phone in your pocket, could it be gas, is your stomach growling? No No and No today was 100% baby movement. It was super exciting and cool. And the best part was I continued to feel them all day. My doctor told me that it would take me longer to feel them because the position of my placenta :-p But Sure enough I felt them. Right now they are 4 inches each so I guess with 8 inches of babies up in there it's about damn time I feel something. 

So today was pretty emotional for me. My friend and coworker lost her battle with Leukemia (blood cancer). She was one amazing woman and will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her. It's crazy how someone can be fine one minute then in a battle for there life the next. I will miss Carol so so much. I worked really close with her when I was the receptionist and she actually helped me get the accounting position I have today. She fought for me when I quit my job and got me a bigger better position I will be forever grateful to time I got to spend with her. 

On a happy note my clairsonic arrived today as well as my prescription acne medicine my doctor prescribed to me for preggo chic's YAY. Sad thing is the Clairsonic takes 24 hours to charge. I want to use it NOW!!! I think I will be bad and use it tomorrow morning :) 

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