Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heath care, necklaces and more during week 21

This picture was taken tonight after buddy and I hit the trail. We took a detour and hit up the farmers market in the pruneyard, but Buddy got us kicked out right when we got there because they said he's way to cute to handle. J/K they didn't allow dogs, BOO! The guy running the F.Market was a huge dog lover and offered to watch him outside of the market but I thought that would be way to weird, plus I just wanted to buy apples for my apple addiction so it was no biggy. 

  My stomach is growing like Crazy! The babies where moving a lot today which was pretty cool. This week I went to an open enrollment meeting for my health care coverage. Finding out how much it will cost to add the babies to my health care felt like a slap in the face from uncle Sam. Why is the man always trying to get us down? Right now for just me, my health care is $155 a month. Once the babies are born it will jump to $700+ a month. WHAT THE F-WORD!!! It really makes me feel sick. That price is for Blue shield HMO Premier 15 coverage. I refuse to go to Kaiser hospital. I love Good Sam and think the extra $$$ is worth it. 

I also met with HR to go over my maternity leave since my last day of work is at the end of July. I was kinda sad cause I really don't feel like 3 months is going to be long enough especially with twins. She then informed me that I can use my PTO :) Which I am now happy that I never take vacations because that will give me an extra 2 months to stay home with them :)  I'm sooo excited that I will be able to spend more time with the babies and still be able to receive a pay check. I'm soooo happy!!!! 

This crazy story popped up in my news feed that a 10 year old girl from a Columbian tribe just gave birth to a baby and because she's from a tribe they don't have laws to prosecute the sicko the got her pregnant. THEN I read that the youngest person in history to ever give birth was a 5 year old girl (picture below) in 1939. Since she was so young her family raised the baby as her sibling. Soooo sad and insane!!! Sorry for the gross story but if you want to read more click here

Yesterday my sister and I took a glass jewelry making class. Her bosses wife was the teacher.  My sister had a vision and came up with these super cool designs. her stuff is going to look sooo nice.  We learned how to cut class and the different types of glass and how they will look layered on top of different colors. We could only do 3 layers tops. 

This is my stuff. I was pretty lost and kept trying to steer clear from making all black stuff. I tried to get my color on and this is all I came up with :) haha.. They will look completely different once fired and melted down. They are going to be necklace pendants.  I will post a picture of them once they're done. I can't wait. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

21 Weeks

21 weeks with Twins

Not much has changed from my last post besides I find it's getting harder to get up.  Weather I'm sitting down or laying down, I feel like I look like a retard trying to sit up and catch my balance. Haha.. Also my feet are KILLING me all the time. I need to start wearing shoes with support. On Saturday I went to and bought some Lace-less shoes since it's becoming super hard to tie my shoes these days. I need to buy some support inserts since they are flat and look like Chuck Taylor's. Next pay check I will invest in some Van's since I heard there pregnant lady approved :) Life just keeps getting more and more interesting. 

We just got accepted to start seeing a High Risk specialist in Campbell. They are right next to our house which is great. I'm kinda nervous because of their Yelp reviews. There either really good or really bad. But since the babies are doing great I think we wont have as much as a problem as these other women did, considering they had serious high risk pregnancy's. 

On Friday Billy cleaned the carpets in the babies room so that we could start decorating. The first step was to clean the carpets. The 2nd step was putting the cribs together. 

On Saturday Billy set up Crib #1. These cribs are huge, but so awesome. They are the Cape Cod 4 in 1 cribs. They are a crib, changing table, they turn in to a toddler bed and as well as a big kid bed. Not to mention it has built in drawers and shelf's. 

This picture is from today once Billy completed the 2nd crib. I'm super excited. It's a big reality check. I started putting our registry together and didn't get to far. I've come to realize I don't really know what babies need. I mean I know to an extent but I felt pretty lost.

This is a little over a 180 degree image of the twins room :) It's pretty cool. I really love the cribs they are really beautiful. I just really can't imagine still having 2 babies. It's going to be a lot of work. I'm super excited. Tonight Billy and I watched The Change Up and the guy in that movie had twins and when it showed him feeding them all the time in the middle of the night I kept thinking, WOW that looks like a lot of work. But I know god wouldn't give me anything I couldn't handle. I like being busy so I guess twins will be prefect for me.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

19 weeks vs. 20 weeks

19 weeks vs. 20 weeks
So as you can see my stomach definitely grew outward in the last week. I was saying last week that I feel as if I still have room for my stomach to grown and stretch. Well I must have spoke way to soon cause my stomach has grown over the last week. Now I feel pretty uncomfortable, my stomach is super tight. 

The babies are getting so big that I can actually feel where each one is. It's crazy, it feels like a lot of pressure on my insides. Then the pressure will go away and move to another area. 

I really need to invest in a awesome pillow to help me sleep. The last 2 nights I've woken up on my back with crazy leg cramps.  Sleeping only on my side has been really hard, sleeping in general is becoming a challenge. I've been super tired all week. 

Tonight I baked cookies from scratch, Yaaaaaa getting domesticated!!! My best friend taught me how last week. She said I need to learn so I can bake with the twins when they get older. This may sound weird to people like what's the big deal? But the big deal is, I don't cook and I didn't burn them......but that's only because Billy told me when to take them out of the oven. :) Yea team work! 

On another note just a moment ago I was chillin on my couch when I heard scratching at my front door. Billy answered the door and Buddy came running in. WTF Dog? He must have escaped when my neighbor left our house, which means he was running wild for 30 minutes outside. As mad as I wanted to be, I was more amazed that he came home and was like hey guys I made it home before my curfew. Like he was out chasing some tail, oooh they grow up so fast. I looked at him and he looks older to me, seriously no joke. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

20 weeks with Twin Boys!!!

20 weeks with our Twin Boys!!!
Check out that pasty white belly...ehh...rrr...body haha..

This picture is from today. I compared last week with this week and there is quite a difference in belly growth. Which was expected since I had 5 days of major round ligament/baby growing pains last week.The things that have changed in the last week are that I'm finding my lower back is beginning to feel the weight of the babies. While bending over to brush my teeth, wash my face or even pick stuff up, I'm definitely feeling a bit of strain, it's like a mini workout. 

Other new changes this week: I take the stairs at work everyday and I'm finding what used to be a breeze now leaves me out of breath. Eating gets me out of breath, that's mainly due to a constant stuffy nose due to pregnancy and allergies oh and added 2 babies taking up my lung space. 

I'm feeling the babies a whole lot more then before. I started feeling them about everyday starting at 19 weeks. So yeah over the last week :) Today I had one baby hanging out near my bladder and the other baby was hanging out in my ribs. Which yes, today was the first time ever I've felt a baby in my rib cage, it was the weirdest feeling and super uncomfortable. So with my middle and pointer finger I did a little double tab and scared the baby out of there, it made my laugh. I felt the baby scurry across my belly. It was really wild. I'm sure this is only the beginning of having babies in my ribs. 

Below is a picture from my prenatal appointment today. 

So I was super excited when I was brought in to the ultrasound room for my prenatal appointment today. Normally a prenatal appointment for me consists of hearing the heart beats with the Doppler and having her answer my list of questions and scheduling more appointments.  

She came in and said I'm just going to do an ultrasound since your babies are still small and it will be easier to find the heartbeats. So for the 2nd time in 5 days I got to see my babies. Yay! They are so cute. Then I saw what was to be expected one calm baby just chillin and one crazy baby that was moving around like crazy. My Doctor was like what is up with that hyperactive baby. I just laughed and told her every ultrasound I've had that little baby is bouncing off the walls while the other is mellow.

Since she could see where they were at she took out the Doppler and found both heart beats. Which sounded normal to me since I have my own Doppler at home :) One was very loud and strong and the other is always softer and has a different tempo. Humm I wonder which baby has the loud strong heart beat???? Obviously the crazy baby, Which I believe is Baby B. When she went back to hear the baby with the softer heart beat, I heard something that made my heart melt. My baby had the hick ups and we could hear it on the Doppler :) it was soooo stinkin cute. I was so overwhelmed with baby joy :) Woo Hoo!!!

While making notes in my file when I was leaving she said, "Wow Gina everything looks really great with your last ultrasound. This is just awesome, everything is looking really good so far." I wanted to pat myself on my back :) I know my family has been a bit concerned with the fact that I'm pregnant with twins and a vegetarian. It's a huge relief knowing my babies are healthy and doing great. I try so hard to eat right and enough, it helps that I crave healthy foods, with the exception of  chocolate and ice cream :) Hehe...

So unfortunately my next appointment isn't till June 25th :(  By then I will look 40+ weeks pregnant. My stomach is going to start growing like crazy with in the next few weeks. I'm really bummed that stretch marks with twins are impossible to avoid. This week I've been studying up on stretch mark prevention. It Basically states that staying hydrated is the best way to avoid stretch marks with the help of lotions and oils :) Which is  what I've been doing. I don't have any stretchmarks yet and my belly feels like it still has room to stretch and get bigger before my skin starts to get super tight.  

So yea that's about all I have for tonight. Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Results are in, We're Having Boys!!!

It's Boys!!!!!
Hey Check out my kids junk!!! Haha... Or as my friend Christie says HOLY WIENER!!! In the First picture it's pretty obvious, but I had a hard time clearly seeing the second picture. 

So today was our 19 week Gender ultrasound. Our appointment was with Kevin the ultrasound tec who is super crazy and funny. He told us right off the bat that the babies look great and are looking very healthy. That alone was like music to my ears. Other great news is that the babies are the same size and same weight which is also a huge relief knowing that they are equally getting the same amount of nutrition. 

It was so funny while looking at one baby you could see the other baby's hand pop up in the back ground and start waving and then slap the other baby in the head. I seriously think one twin is going to be a handful and the other baby is going to be mellow. Baby A was super calm while Baby B could not stay still and we had a hard time getting a clear shot of him.It probably didn't help that I drank a bunch of orange juice before my appointment :)

Here is Baby A's Spine :) Looks good to me :) And Below is Baby B who wouldn't stop moving and this was the best shot he could get. Now that they are bigger, there running out of room and they not as easy to make out as they were before. A lot of times I kept staring at the screen and saying I have no Idea what I'm looking at right now. 

And the last picture is their little faces. Which I always think these pictures are scary looking. Baby B looks like a duck and Baby A looks like a Storm trooper and It looks like there is a monster in the background. haha...The ultrasound tec still thinks they are identical which is pretty cool.  I guess we wont know for sure until they are born. 

Here is a Picture of Kevin and I during the ultrasound. He told me my uterus has stretched 3 inches above my belly button. I was like WHAT!!! That's so crazy to me. He said that the babies are both 1 pound 11 ounces. I am totally in shock because that seems way way too big. My cell phone app say's they should be around 8 ounces. So I'm super confused. But oh well I'm just glad to hear they are healthy and looking great. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

19 week Update!

I'm 19 weeks Weeee!!

I took these pictures yesterday on Mothers Day 5/13/12. I can't believe I will be 5 months on Saturday. It's so crazy how fast this year has gone by. Below is a picture with a shirt on :) haha... My stomach looks way bigger with clothes on then with just a bare belly. Maybe because my white ass is not blending in with the white paint on my door Muahaha...

Here is another Belly shot! So the last week has been definitely different so far. I'd say on Wednesday I woke up and shot outta bed super fast because my bladder is being used as a trampoline. And completely almost fell over I caught myself thank god. But it's happened, my balance is totally thrown off now due to this big ol belly. So far I've over gained 10 pounds and it seems to be all in my belly. Pre-pregnancy I was 134 then I lost weight and went down to 128 now I'm 138.  I read I should be gaining  around a pound a week from next week forward. Which seems like an awful lot.  But we will see. 

Since Friday I've been in sooooo much pain. The babies are going through a growth spurt and I've wanted to do nothing more then just lay down and do nothing. Every step I take is painful due to the round ligament pain. It hurts to bend over also. I told my receptionist today that I feel like Bella in the Breaking Dawn movie. Where my belly's growing so fast and wont stop haha.... Bending over has become such a challenge, My stomach is getting in the way, Tying my shoes has become difficult as well. When I drop things on the ground I get a sad face and just stare at it. hahaha... Oh man and this is only the beginning my stomach will grow to be 3 times the size it is now. Eeep!

Other exciting things this week is I can finally feel the babies move. It took what feels like forever for me to feel them move since their placenta attached in the front (towards my belly). But as of Thursday or Friday they have been moving like crazy and there is no mistaking that its baby movement. It's a really cool feeling and good to know their alive and kicking :)

It scared the crap out of me when I read today that the babies would grow from 6.5 inches each at week 20 to 10 inches each at week 21. So today when I got home from work I immediately looked up what that is all about and found this out when researching babies at week 20.

Thank god the thought of 8 extra inches of baby growth in a week had me in a panic :) But it also is crazy to think that there is a lot more baby in there then I thought. Which makes total sense that they say at 5 months pregnant woman with twins look full term. Because there is literally 20 inches of baby in their belly.  People keep telling me I look super small for almost 5 months but I feel huge right now. My neighbor Bone asked me on Friday if I'm dieting while pregnant because I'm way to small. I laughed at him and said NO WAY! I do eat very healthy (besides ice cream from time to time) and do not eat fast or fried foods so maybe people think I should be fatter? Who Knows. :-P

This week is going to be a HUGE life/baby event. We are finally going to have the BIG ultrasound, where we find out the gender of our babies. I'm soooooo excited. It's all I've wanted to know the last 5 months. YAY!!!! I want to have a gender party for the big reveal! Times flying by so fast I need to figure this out fast so I can invite my family before they make plans this weekend. 

So Sunday was mothers day. My mom and sis got me some gifts. My sister got me these cute onesies that say I love Mommy and my Mom got me a bunch of pillows. 

I got home from our Mothers Day brunch and made a little pillow fort and watched the Notebook and The Time Travelers Wife then passed out and woke up around 12am :) Pillows are my favorite thing right now. As most mothers know they make a world of a difference when pregnant. 

I'm finding pregnancy is not glamorous at all, between horrible allergies, Aches, pains, stuffy nose, constipation, Sore feet, not being able to take medicine, Acne and much much more.  I think this cartoon pretty much puts it all in to perspective :) 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

17 weeks vs. 18 weeks & 2,000 blog hits!!!

17 weeks vs. 18 weeks

Above is my 17 vs. 18 week photo match up. Even though I feel bigger, this picture comparison looks the same. Maybe 18 weeks is a little bigger. As you can see I cut my hair :-p Last week I had major baby growing pains. This week hasn't been so bad. They are about 5.6 inches long and around 7 ounces each. Crazy Crazy. All the websites compare your babies size to vegetables or fruit. This week I've read they are the size of a sweet potato's and or a bell pepper. 

I would like to thank everyone for reading my blog. Today I reached 2,000+ blog hits. It makes me happy to know that people are reading and interested in what I have to say. Very Very cool, I thank you all so very much :) 

So if you read my last blog I wrote about how I  got a heart monitor for the babies as a birthday present. I love listening to their heartbeats everyday. Tonight was super exciting because I was able to find two separate heart beats. They were different pitches and different beats per minute and on different sides of my belly, I was soooooo excited. Here is a video From my birthday

This whole week I have been super dehydrated and have been drinking probably about a gallon plus of water a day. Which means lots of bathroom breaks. It's weird because one minute I'm find and the next I have to pee so bad. Sorry to be gross :-p Today I probably peed 15 times at work. Walking past the receptionist was awkward by the end of the day, it was like doing the walk of shame. Like don't mind me pregnant lady coming through. 

I really need to start getting more sleep. I've been going to bed so late these days between 11:30-12:30am every night. If you look at all my blogs each one is posted somewhere between 11pm and 12am. At the bottom of my blog entry's it give you the time it was posted. This is a SUPER late blog update. 

1 week till our BIG  ultrasound. I can't wait!!!! I want to throw a gender party for my family I think that would be sooo fun and exciting. I'm trying to plan it all out and figure what would be the best way to surprise everyone. :) Once we find out their gender it will be time to start our registry and start shopping. Then we can start setting up the babies room. 

This weekend a friend of mine, Becky who is also pregnant shared a link with me for a groupon for a 4D ultrasound. I'm so excited and purchased it right away. My other friend Rick who's wife is currently pregnant with twins gave me a good tip. They went to the same place to get their 4D ultrasound, he said the best time to go is around 24-28 weeks while they still have some room to move around and don't get to crowded and squished together :) I'm sooo excited to see their little faces and features I can't wait!!!!

Here is an example if you don't know what a 4D ultrasound looks like. Cute huh! Like little cheese babies. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 18 and My 29th Birthday!

Week 18 and My 29th Birthday!

The picture above was taken last night on my 29th Birthday. Saturday the babies turned 18 weeks and I feel as if my stomach grew over night. Maybe in my next blog post I'll do a 17 week vs.18 week photo like I did last week. It's pretty nuts when you compare weeks, you can totally see a difference. As you can see Buddy was following me around and would lay down next to me the moment I stopped moving. He gave me a good laugh :)

Below is a picture of my Belly with clothes on :) This is from Sunday right before I went to Chevy's for my Birthday dinner with my Mom, her friend Anita and Billy. Unfortunately I was having an allergy attack and couldn't stop sneezing. Allergies have been KICKING MY ASS!!!! Nothing is working, pollen is freakin EVERYWHERE. 

Here is another belly shot from this weekend. I still can't believe how fast my stomach is growing. It's blowing my mind.

So for my birthday Billy got me a Nook. I'm super excited and can't wait to learn how to use it. He thought it would be great for me if I got put on bed rest :) Which I totally agree! I also asked for a Sonoline B Pocket Fetal Doppler recommended by my friend Erin Gay who is also pregnant too at the moment. I was so excited that my In Laws got it for me I could not wait to bust it out and find some heart beats :) 

Below is a picture of me trying to find a heartbeat. It's not as easy as my doctor made it look at my last appointment. But I am getting the hang of it. Please click on this link to hear one of the babies heat beats :)
I couldn't locate the video because I just uploaded it so it's not coming in on the search options, So I couldn't post it here directly.