Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heath care, necklaces and more during week 21

This picture was taken tonight after buddy and I hit the trail. We took a detour and hit up the farmers market in the pruneyard, but Buddy got us kicked out right when we got there because they said he's way to cute to handle. J/K they didn't allow dogs, BOO! The guy running the F.Market was a huge dog lover and offered to watch him outside of the market but I thought that would be way to weird, plus I just wanted to buy apples for my apple addiction so it was no biggy. 

  My stomach is growing like Crazy! The babies where moving a lot today which was pretty cool. This week I went to an open enrollment meeting for my health care coverage. Finding out how much it will cost to add the babies to my health care felt like a slap in the face from uncle Sam. Why is the man always trying to get us down? Right now for just me, my health care is $155 a month. Once the babies are born it will jump to $700+ a month. WHAT THE F-WORD!!! It really makes me feel sick. That price is for Blue shield HMO Premier 15 coverage. I refuse to go to Kaiser hospital. I love Good Sam and think the extra $$$ is worth it. 

I also met with HR to go over my maternity leave since my last day of work is at the end of July. I was kinda sad cause I really don't feel like 3 months is going to be long enough especially with twins. She then informed me that I can use my PTO :) Which I am now happy that I never take vacations because that will give me an extra 2 months to stay home with them :)  I'm sooo excited that I will be able to spend more time with the babies and still be able to receive a pay check. I'm soooo happy!!!! 

This crazy story popped up in my news feed that a 10 year old girl from a Columbian tribe just gave birth to a baby and because she's from a tribe they don't have laws to prosecute the sicko the got her pregnant. THEN I read that the youngest person in history to ever give birth was a 5 year old girl (picture below) in 1939. Since she was so young her family raised the baby as her sibling. Soooo sad and insane!!! Sorry for the gross story but if you want to read more click here

Yesterday my sister and I took a glass jewelry making class. Her bosses wife was the teacher.  My sister had a vision and came up with these super cool designs. her stuff is going to look sooo nice.  We learned how to cut class and the different types of glass and how they will look layered on top of different colors. We could only do 3 layers tops. 

This is my stuff. I was pretty lost and kept trying to steer clear from making all black stuff. I tried to get my color on and this is all I came up with :) haha.. They will look completely different once fired and melted down. They are going to be necklace pendants.  I will post a picture of them once they're done. I can't wait. 

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