Monday, May 21, 2012

20 weeks with Twin Boys!!!

20 weeks with our Twin Boys!!!
Check out that pasty white belly...ehh...rrr...body haha..

This picture is from today. I compared last week with this week and there is quite a difference in belly growth. Which was expected since I had 5 days of major round ligament/baby growing pains last week.The things that have changed in the last week are that I'm finding my lower back is beginning to feel the weight of the babies. While bending over to brush my teeth, wash my face or even pick stuff up, I'm definitely feeling a bit of strain, it's like a mini workout. 

Other new changes this week: I take the stairs at work everyday and I'm finding what used to be a breeze now leaves me out of breath. Eating gets me out of breath, that's mainly due to a constant stuffy nose due to pregnancy and allergies oh and added 2 babies taking up my lung space. 

I'm feeling the babies a whole lot more then before. I started feeling them about everyday starting at 19 weeks. So yeah over the last week :) Today I had one baby hanging out near my bladder and the other baby was hanging out in my ribs. Which yes, today was the first time ever I've felt a baby in my rib cage, it was the weirdest feeling and super uncomfortable. So with my middle and pointer finger I did a little double tab and scared the baby out of there, it made my laugh. I felt the baby scurry across my belly. It was really wild. I'm sure this is only the beginning of having babies in my ribs. 

Below is a picture from my prenatal appointment today. 

So I was super excited when I was brought in to the ultrasound room for my prenatal appointment today. Normally a prenatal appointment for me consists of hearing the heart beats with the Doppler and having her answer my list of questions and scheduling more appointments.  

She came in and said I'm just going to do an ultrasound since your babies are still small and it will be easier to find the heartbeats. So for the 2nd time in 5 days I got to see my babies. Yay! They are so cute. Then I saw what was to be expected one calm baby just chillin and one crazy baby that was moving around like crazy. My Doctor was like what is up with that hyperactive baby. I just laughed and told her every ultrasound I've had that little baby is bouncing off the walls while the other is mellow.

Since she could see where they were at she took out the Doppler and found both heart beats. Which sounded normal to me since I have my own Doppler at home :) One was very loud and strong and the other is always softer and has a different tempo. Humm I wonder which baby has the loud strong heart beat???? Obviously the crazy baby, Which I believe is Baby B. When she went back to hear the baby with the softer heart beat, I heard something that made my heart melt. My baby had the hick ups and we could hear it on the Doppler :) it was soooo stinkin cute. I was so overwhelmed with baby joy :) Woo Hoo!!!

While making notes in my file when I was leaving she said, "Wow Gina everything looks really great with your last ultrasound. This is just awesome, everything is looking really good so far." I wanted to pat myself on my back :) I know my family has been a bit concerned with the fact that I'm pregnant with twins and a vegetarian. It's a huge relief knowing my babies are healthy and doing great. I try so hard to eat right and enough, it helps that I crave healthy foods, with the exception of  chocolate and ice cream :) Hehe...

So unfortunately my next appointment isn't till June 25th :(  By then I will look 40+ weeks pregnant. My stomach is going to start growing like crazy with in the next few weeks. I'm really bummed that stretch marks with twins are impossible to avoid. This week I've been studying up on stretch mark prevention. It Basically states that staying hydrated is the best way to avoid stretch marks with the help of lotions and oils :) Which is  what I've been doing. I don't have any stretchmarks yet and my belly feels like it still has room to stretch and get bigger before my skin starts to get super tight.  

So yea that's about all I have for tonight. Thanks for reading :)

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