Monday, May 28, 2012

21 Weeks

21 weeks with Twins

Not much has changed from my last post besides I find it's getting harder to get up.  Weather I'm sitting down or laying down, I feel like I look like a retard trying to sit up and catch my balance. Haha.. Also my feet are KILLING me all the time. I need to start wearing shoes with support. On Saturday I went to and bought some Lace-less shoes since it's becoming super hard to tie my shoes these days. I need to buy some support inserts since they are flat and look like Chuck Taylor's. Next pay check I will invest in some Van's since I heard there pregnant lady approved :) Life just keeps getting more and more interesting. 

We just got accepted to start seeing a High Risk specialist in Campbell. They are right next to our house which is great. I'm kinda nervous because of their Yelp reviews. There either really good or really bad. But since the babies are doing great I think we wont have as much as a problem as these other women did, considering they had serious high risk pregnancy's. 

On Friday Billy cleaned the carpets in the babies room so that we could start decorating. The first step was to clean the carpets. The 2nd step was putting the cribs together. 

On Saturday Billy set up Crib #1. These cribs are huge, but so awesome. They are the Cape Cod 4 in 1 cribs. They are a crib, changing table, they turn in to a toddler bed and as well as a big kid bed. Not to mention it has built in drawers and shelf's. 

This picture is from today once Billy completed the 2nd crib. I'm super excited. It's a big reality check. I started putting our registry together and didn't get to far. I've come to realize I don't really know what babies need. I mean I know to an extent but I felt pretty lost.

This is a little over a 180 degree image of the twins room :) It's pretty cool. I really love the cribs they are really beautiful. I just really can't imagine still having 2 babies. It's going to be a lot of work. I'm super excited. Tonight Billy and I watched The Change Up and the guy in that movie had twins and when it showed him feeding them all the time in the middle of the night I kept thinking, WOW that looks like a lot of work. But I know god wouldn't give me anything I couldn't handle. I like being busy so I guess twins will be prefect for me.

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