Thursday, May 10, 2012

17 weeks vs. 18 weeks & 2,000 blog hits!!!

17 weeks vs. 18 weeks

Above is my 17 vs. 18 week photo match up. Even though I feel bigger, this picture comparison looks the same. Maybe 18 weeks is a little bigger. As you can see I cut my hair :-p Last week I had major baby growing pains. This week hasn't been so bad. They are about 5.6 inches long and around 7 ounces each. Crazy Crazy. All the websites compare your babies size to vegetables or fruit. This week I've read they are the size of a sweet potato's and or a bell pepper. 

I would like to thank everyone for reading my blog. Today I reached 2,000+ blog hits. It makes me happy to know that people are reading and interested in what I have to say. Very Very cool, I thank you all so very much :) 

So if you read my last blog I wrote about how I  got a heart monitor for the babies as a birthday present. I love listening to their heartbeats everyday. Tonight was super exciting because I was able to find two separate heart beats. They were different pitches and different beats per minute and on different sides of my belly, I was soooooo excited. Here is a video From my birthday

This whole week I have been super dehydrated and have been drinking probably about a gallon plus of water a day. Which means lots of bathroom breaks. It's weird because one minute I'm find and the next I have to pee so bad. Sorry to be gross :-p Today I probably peed 15 times at work. Walking past the receptionist was awkward by the end of the day, it was like doing the walk of shame. Like don't mind me pregnant lady coming through. 

I really need to start getting more sleep. I've been going to bed so late these days between 11:30-12:30am every night. If you look at all my blogs each one is posted somewhere between 11pm and 12am. At the bottom of my blog entry's it give you the time it was posted. This is a SUPER late blog update. 

1 week till our BIG  ultrasound. I can't wait!!!! I want to throw a gender party for my family I think that would be sooo fun and exciting. I'm trying to plan it all out and figure what would be the best way to surprise everyone. :) Once we find out their gender it will be time to start our registry and start shopping. Then we can start setting up the babies room. 

This weekend a friend of mine, Becky who is also pregnant shared a link with me for a groupon for a 4D ultrasound. I'm so excited and purchased it right away. My other friend Rick who's wife is currently pregnant with twins gave me a good tip. They went to the same place to get their 4D ultrasound, he said the best time to go is around 24-28 weeks while they still have some room to move around and don't get to crowded and squished together :) I'm sooo excited to see their little faces and features I can't wait!!!!

Here is an example if you don't know what a 4D ultrasound looks like. Cute huh! Like little cheese babies. 

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  1. OmG...... these are amazing photos!!!! You are so blessed!!! Congrats again.. Keep on blogging!