Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Results are in, We're Having Boys!!!

It's Boys!!!!!
Hey Check out my kids junk!!! Haha... Or as my friend Christie says HOLY WIENER!!! In the First picture it's pretty obvious, but I had a hard time clearly seeing the second picture. 

So today was our 19 week Gender ultrasound. Our appointment was with Kevin the ultrasound tec who is super crazy and funny. He told us right off the bat that the babies look great and are looking very healthy. That alone was like music to my ears. Other great news is that the babies are the same size and same weight which is also a huge relief knowing that they are equally getting the same amount of nutrition. 

It was so funny while looking at one baby you could see the other baby's hand pop up in the back ground and start waving and then slap the other baby in the head. I seriously think one twin is going to be a handful and the other baby is going to be mellow. Baby A was super calm while Baby B could not stay still and we had a hard time getting a clear shot of him.It probably didn't help that I drank a bunch of orange juice before my appointment :)

Here is Baby A's Spine :) Looks good to me :) And Below is Baby B who wouldn't stop moving and this was the best shot he could get. Now that they are bigger, there running out of room and they not as easy to make out as they were before. A lot of times I kept staring at the screen and saying I have no Idea what I'm looking at right now. 

And the last picture is their little faces. Which I always think these pictures are scary looking. Baby B looks like a duck and Baby A looks like a Storm trooper and It looks like there is a monster in the background. haha...The ultrasound tec still thinks they are identical which is pretty cool.  I guess we wont know for sure until they are born. 

Here is a Picture of Kevin and I during the ultrasound. He told me my uterus has stretched 3 inches above my belly button. I was like WHAT!!! That's so crazy to me. He said that the babies are both 1 pound 11 ounces. I am totally in shock because that seems way way too big. My cell phone app say's they should be around 8 ounces. So I'm super confused. But oh well I'm just glad to hear they are healthy and looking great. 

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