Monday, May 14, 2012

19 week Update!

I'm 19 weeks Weeee!!

I took these pictures yesterday on Mothers Day 5/13/12. I can't believe I will be 5 months on Saturday. It's so crazy how fast this year has gone by. Below is a picture with a shirt on :) haha... My stomach looks way bigger with clothes on then with just a bare belly. Maybe because my white ass is not blending in with the white paint on my door Muahaha...

Here is another Belly shot! So the last week has been definitely different so far. I'd say on Wednesday I woke up and shot outta bed super fast because my bladder is being used as a trampoline. And completely almost fell over I caught myself thank god. But it's happened, my balance is totally thrown off now due to this big ol belly. So far I've over gained 10 pounds and it seems to be all in my belly. Pre-pregnancy I was 134 then I lost weight and went down to 128 now I'm 138.  I read I should be gaining  around a pound a week from next week forward. Which seems like an awful lot.  But we will see. 

Since Friday I've been in sooooo much pain. The babies are going through a growth spurt and I've wanted to do nothing more then just lay down and do nothing. Every step I take is painful due to the round ligament pain. It hurts to bend over also. I told my receptionist today that I feel like Bella in the Breaking Dawn movie. Where my belly's growing so fast and wont stop haha.... Bending over has become such a challenge, My stomach is getting in the way, Tying my shoes has become difficult as well. When I drop things on the ground I get a sad face and just stare at it. hahaha... Oh man and this is only the beginning my stomach will grow to be 3 times the size it is now. Eeep!

Other exciting things this week is I can finally feel the babies move. It took what feels like forever for me to feel them move since their placenta attached in the front (towards my belly). But as of Thursday or Friday they have been moving like crazy and there is no mistaking that its baby movement. It's a really cool feeling and good to know their alive and kicking :)

It scared the crap out of me when I read today that the babies would grow from 6.5 inches each at week 20 to 10 inches each at week 21. So today when I got home from work I immediately looked up what that is all about and found this out when researching babies at week 20.

Thank god the thought of 8 extra inches of baby growth in a week had me in a panic :) But it also is crazy to think that there is a lot more baby in there then I thought. Which makes total sense that they say at 5 months pregnant woman with twins look full term. Because there is literally 20 inches of baby in their belly.  People keep telling me I look super small for almost 5 months but I feel huge right now. My neighbor Bone asked me on Friday if I'm dieting while pregnant because I'm way to small. I laughed at him and said NO WAY! I do eat very healthy (besides ice cream from time to time) and do not eat fast or fried foods so maybe people think I should be fatter? Who Knows. :-P

This week is going to be a HUGE life/baby event. We are finally going to have the BIG ultrasound, where we find out the gender of our babies. I'm soooooo excited. It's all I've wanted to know the last 5 months. YAY!!!! I want to have a gender party for the big reveal! Times flying by so fast I need to figure this out fast so I can invite my family before they make plans this weekend. 

So Sunday was mothers day. My mom and sis got me some gifts. My sister got me these cute onesies that say I love Mommy and my Mom got me a bunch of pillows. 

I got home from our Mothers Day brunch and made a little pillow fort and watched the Notebook and The Time Travelers Wife then passed out and woke up around 12am :) Pillows are my favorite thing right now. As most mothers know they make a world of a difference when pregnant. 

I'm finding pregnancy is not glamorous at all, between horrible allergies, Aches, pains, stuffy nose, constipation, Sore feet, not being able to take medicine, Acne and much much more.  I think this cartoon pretty much puts it all in to perspective :) 

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