Monday, June 4, 2012

22 weeks and 2 kiddo's practicing karate in my belly

22 Weeks

So a lot has changed in the last week. The babies have grown a lot and have become so much stronger. Friday was the first time I felt big kicks. Big as in startling, it scared me at first. There so big that my skin pops up it's so cool. After Friday they have been moving and kicking like crazy. At night when I'm watching TV my stomach changes shapes right before my eyes. It feels crazy, I can't help but wonder what the heck they are doing in there. Perhaps Karate :)  It's very exciting stuff I tell ya! 

Right now I'm 5 1/2 months and I feel like my skin is at the point to where it can't stretch much farther. I've been lubing up my stomach in hopes to help with stretchmark prevention. Along with drinking lots and lots of water. I know with twins there is no avoiding them but I would like to try and avoid them as much as I possibly can. As of this week I've switched over to the good stuff, Mama Mio Tummy Rub and Stretch Mark Oil. It's supposed to be the best of the best, every review I've ever read on there products are positive and given 5 stars. I'd like to test it out on my big ol twin belly :) I've read some twin reviews with their products and they said they got some stretchmarks but not many using the oil and tummy rub together. 

According to Baby Center this is what the twins looked like 2 weeks ago. I'm sure they are much bigger now. On Wednesday we will be heading to the high risk facility where I will begin to have many appointments to keep a close eye on the boys :)   Hopefully they to will give them a clean bill of health. I'm pretty excited to see how much they have grown in 3 weeks. 

I've finally got my appetite back. I'm hungry a lot now, as to where before nothing sounded good and I had to force myself to eat. I think everyday to myself that one should not crave this much sugar. I always have sweets on my mind. I try sooooo hard not to give in. I do love the weight watchers ice cream bars though. I keep telling myself, "before you were pregnant you knew this was way to much sugar for you, how is it okay for two babies."  That usually crosses my mind after I've given in :)  I'm sure this is normal, sometimes I wonder if it is. I then wonder what my other pregnant friends crave. With me it's always Sushi, Fruit, Rice, Frozen Yogurt and Chocolate. People always tell me you can't eat sushi when your pregnant and are always telling me don't eat raw fish. To that I say yes, I know that, I've very aware and I do not eat anything raw. I've never been a huge fan of raw sushi. But I do love me some California Rolls. That's all I ever order, pregnant or not. Yummo! 

On Friday night I came home after having dinner with all my girl friends and plopped on the coach to be lazy.  Buddy hoped up and put his hands on my belly and cuddled with me for a while. It was sooo cute I had to take a picture. Even though it looks like he's copping a feel in this picture. haha... He's such a sweet heart and cuddles with me every night. I love him to pieces. I always feel so guilty leaving him at home. I keep thinking how am I going to leave two babies at home when I feel so guilty leaving my dog? It will definitely be a challenge. 

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