Saturday, March 31, 2012

Their Identical!!!!

On Thursday 3/29/12 we went to get the babies tested for disabilities. It's so insane to me how much they have grown in 3 weeks. They went from looking like giant heads to actual little babies. haha.. Oh the Miracle of life is so crazy. 

Here they are side by side. As of right now they are around 2 1/2 inches each. One is 2 milometers smaller then the other. Baby A's head is facing up. Baby B's Head down feet up. 

Below is a picture of them laying side by side. Their rounds little heads are so stinkin cute. :) the faint little line the you see is the membrane that is separating them in the sac. The Ultrasound tec Kevin said that they are identical. Yaaaa!!!! It's so crazy how you can see such distinct features. 

Above is Baby A with a giant head like Me. haha... You can also see baby B's head in this picture too.

Below is a really good view of Baby B. Which looks as if s/he takes after Billy with those super long legs. Holly crap they are so darn cute it's sooooo exciting. I was so happy to see them moving and bouncing around it was such a releif to see them doing so well. I'm just beyond excited. 

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