Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The dentist & never ending thirst & maybe baby movement

Today (3/20/12) I went to my Dentist Dr. K! I went in to get my teeth cleaned. Which is always a great feeling AFTER you leave once everything is over. His assistant was super sweet and we talked the whole time and in between her cleaning my teeth. No signs of pregnancy gingivitis *BARF*  I figured as much since my gums and teeth are in good shape. But I guess I'm learning lots of pregnancy stuff on the daily.

Today I've been soooo thirsty and have been drinking tons of water all day long. I can't get enough. My mom said I started drinking a ton of water as a child after I had my Kidney removed at the age of 12. She thinks my thirst may thrive from my pregnancy and the effects it has on my kidney. Which makes a lot of sense. :)

Also today while at work I was writing procedures on our new billing system. It was quiet and as I sat there thinking I felt a little flutter feeling in my belly. First I was like whattttttt the fuck was that the babies moving? Then all of a sudden it felt like little pops. Like if you were to hold your hand out and someone blew a bunch of bubbles on your hand and you feel multiple bubbles popping.

I sat thinking Gas? Hummmm I honestly don't think that was it. I stood up and hollered/whispered to my BFF Katie who is my coworker and cube neighbor and told her what I felt. As I was talking to her I felt a TON of fluttery movement to the point where I looked down thinking something was rubbing against my sweatshirt.

Was this the babies moving? I'm still not sure. I of course googled: How soon do you feel your babies move when pregnant with twins. One woman wrote that she was on her second pregnancy and this time she was pregnant with twins. She felt them move at week 11 and described everything I felt to a T. I couldn't have written it better myself. So hey who knows :)

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