Sunday, March 25, 2012

12 weeks and Major Cramping

All I've really done this weekend is rest on the couch reading baby books and sleeping. The picture below is  me right now exhausted watching the Notebook :)

Saturday I was pretty emotional and cried a lot, because I was scared with the pregnancy and the fact I have a bladder infection and only have one kidney, as well as reading my baby book on twins and read about preemie's and how dangerous it can be to go in to preterm labor. There are so many dangers and risks with twins then there are with singleton pregnancy's. I finally finished the book and I must say the end was super scary. They made sure to save all the scary parts for last. Now I'm paranoid and can't wait till Thursday for our next ultrasound where we are having the babies tested for disability's. I'm praying we get a clean bill of health for the both of them. I know that god wouldn't have given me more then I can handle. I just need to have faith that everything will be alright. 

Last night I started getting mild cramping while out at Kohls. Sounds weird but I actually feel a sense of relief because I know their growing and hopefully healthy. I haven't felt any cramping all week and was beginning to get  worried. I went to bed early and woke up at 3am to really bad cramping and nausea, that kept me up all night long feeling super sick. Ugh! 

Today I'm 12 weeks. I'm not digging this picture. My pants are sooo tight and digging in to my hips. 

This is what my babies look like this week. These are fraternal twins. They are currently the size of plums. 

My friend Becca called this morning and we headed out to find me a belly band or a pregnancy under shirt. I'm finding Maturity clothes suck! These pants are smalls and I was swimming in them hahah.... They were super long and legs where beyond baggy. I was laughing so hard at myself in the dressing room. haha....

Last night my friend Kristy and I had dinner at Panera Bread and we got Paninis, Tomato Soup and Hot Chocolate. It was amazing! I had to go to Safeway after and buy hot chocolate and marshmallows for my house :) We then headed to Kohls where their Maturity section is a joke, they only had 5 pairs of pants and about 8 ugly ass shirts. I have a feeling I'm just going to start shopping for shirts in the trendy Plus size section :) 

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