Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 weeks & My first Ultra Sound on 3/13/12

10 weeks was one of the most crazy points in my pregnancy yet. This is because was had our first ultra sound and found that not only are we having one baby, but we are having 2 babies.

This is my belly pic at 10 weeks

So the story of our first ultra sound goes a little something like this. We meet with my doctor, who I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!  I have to pee in a cup which sucks cause I just peed before I got there. So it took me like 10 minutes to provide them with the smallest sample ever. We go over all the information with my doc. She informs me I am not high risk because of my 1 kidney and told me I could continue doing spin class and working out at the gym. We then head in the the ultra sound room to take a peek at our little bundle of joy. 

This is the first imagine we see. A cute little SUPER hyper baby. The little guy was kicking his legs and moving his arms and swimming wildly in my belly. Billy and I just couldn't believe how active he was. The doctor then mentions lets try to find this little baby's heart beat. As she goes to turn the volume on the wand shifts to the right and moves off baby #1 and on to baby #2. At this point I scream OMG WHAT IS THAT!!!! HOW MAY BABIES ARE I THERE!!! and the doctor starts laughing hysterically at the look of Billy's face, who's jaw was on the floor and eye's were bugging out of his head.

I then start laughing super hard because I can't believe my eyes. We sat there and watched them the one on the right looked as if it was sleeping and was not moving and the one on the left was moving and swimming wildly around as if he was trying to show off. Then the one on the left knocks in to the one on the right and you see the one on the right jump and throw his hands up as if it was just woken up out of a dead sleep. It was hilarious. It was as if they already had their own personality's. 

The one on the left finally settled down and laid next to the other and that's when we got to see their little baby heart beats beating next to each other. It was an absolutely amazing day in our life's. We were so shocked that we forgot the turn on the mic to hear their heart beats. :) My doctor then tells my to ignore are whole 30 min conversation prior to the ultrasound. Because single baby rules do not apply to woman pregnant with twins. I am now a high risk pregnancy :( 

As soon as we left we contacted our Mom's and told them the good news. They were both beyond excited and at first I think they had a hard time believing that we are having twins. It's been a week and I personally am still in shock and fearing that when I have me next ultra sound they will find a third. 

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