Tuesday, July 31, 2012

30 weeks and Maternity Leave

30 Weeks with Twins!

Hummmm Well my stomach is still massive and growing like crazy. Super exciting news, I'm officially on Maternity Leave!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! No more work till 2013. I honestly don't know what to do with myself. I think I will start on the babies room tomorrow :)

Since things change so fast I will say the new things with my pregnancy this week are that It's getting really hard to drive. It's getting extremely hard to look behind me when backing up or changing lanes. Plus as soon as I start driving the babies start moving around like crazy and it feels like their trying to climb up in to my ribs. I've experienced my first pinched nerve from the twins and the pressure from the babies. It's a shooting pain that goes straight down my leg, it feels as if I pulled my hamstring. It comes and goes. Other things are if I'm laying on my back on the couch or in bed the babies start moving every now and then they will lay on my lungs and it's close to impossible to breath. The first time it happened it scared me cause I thought I was having an asthma attack. When this happens I turn on to my side or stand up and get instant relief. It's a trip.

 Sleep is still super hard I wake up in horrible pain because of my full bladder. Which I mean isn't even full, I freakin have to pee  every 20-30 minutes or less because there is just no room at all for my bladder and the babies. It doesn't help that I chug water all day because I'm always dehydrated. 

Last week was my last week of work before Maternity leave. My work threw me and 2 other co-workers a baby shower. We are all due around September 1st. The funny thing is we are all vegetarians so they got us lots of vegetarian friendly foods and Got us cakes from Nothing Bunt Cakes. Which I love love love!!! They also gave us baby Bunt cakes (above) which were soooo cute and sooooo yummy!!! 

This is my dog Buddy, he's really cute and sweet but today got us in to a bit of trouble!!!
(this picture was taken right before the incident)

So I play fetch with my dog a lot because I can't walk him cause I'm super preggo. I use the blue ball tosser and throw it across my lawn and neighbors lawn so that he can get his energy out since he is SUPER high energy. Today we played fetch 2 times. The 2nd time he was super worn out so while he was laying on the lawn I watered the roses and all of a sudden I here dogs barking and a guy across the street yelling. I turn and he's like help your dog is over here. 

My first thought is run as fast as I can to get buddy, I try to run and obviously can't and tell myself speed walk. So I get across the street and find buddy barking and jumping on 2 HUGE Boxers which scared the crap out of me. I then go to grab Buddy and he tripped me and I fall almost flat on my stomach. Thank god for my lightning fast reaction to throw out my hands and stick my butt as high up in the air as I could. Thank GOD I didn't land on my stomach. I then got up and grabbed buddy. 

The guy was so freaked out and thought I just landed on my stomach. I was so shaken up that all I could say was sorry and ask if his dogs were okay. I then said "Ya my dogs are fine, they are really nice well behaved dogs. Are you okay." I was holding my stomach with one hand and my dog with the other and just told him I'm fine, I'm just really scared and If everything was okay then I was going to go home. He then went on his way. 

I then got home and started crying my eye's out because I was sooooo scared that I put myself and my dog in that situation. Plus I just couldn't imagine what could have happened if I were to actually fall on my stomach. Here I am supposed to be taking it easy and I'm chasing after my dog and falling. I've come to realize that I can no longer play fetch with my dog in the front yard. It never really crossed my mind that he would bolt like that. Billy thinks its cause I didn't have the ball in hand, since balls rule his life :)

I cried for about an hour or so, my sister then came over on her lunch break and brought me Jamba Juice and talked to me and made me feel better. Once I calmed down I took out my doppler and checked on the babies heartbeats to make sure everything was okay. And I'm happy to say all is well :) 

Ugh!!! What a day. I'm still freaked out and just feel sooo bad for that guy cause he was so freaked out that I fell and because Buddy.  Buddy just wanted to play and was trying to jump on their backs. He loves playing with big dogs. Well that's about all for now. I need to go to Yogurtland :)

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