Saturday, July 21, 2012

7 months & our baby shower

28 weeks aka 7 months and starting my 3rd Trimester Pregnant with twins

The picture above is from Saturday 7/14/12 My Mom made this for my Baby shower. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it :) Its so stinkin cute. She did such a great job.  Last Saturday I hit my 7 month mark with the twins. It was also our baby shower. It was Coed and super awesome! We invited 60 of our closest friends and family and had a Taco bar come out and cater, Wine, Keg and some really nice banquet umbrella tables with center pieces. It looked like it could have been a wedding. Besides being Super hot I had a really good time. The beer and wine looked super refreshing, but the 6+ bottles of water plus watermelon and cantaloupe juice I guzzled down did the trick :)  I'd like to send a big HUGE thank you to Billy's parents and my Mom and Sister for throwing us such a kick ass baby shower. You guys are the best!!!

Here is a Belly shot.  Everyone tells me I look tiny for 7 months with twins, I would have to agree but am not complaining because I feel huge. So far I've only gained 23 pounds.

Below is a picture of what the twins look like right now. Crazy!!! They look like real babies and not little skeleton babies :)

So week 28 has come with a few new changes. The babies are now stronger than EVER! They are constantly awake and constantly kicking. My stomach is constantly moving and changing shapes. I can also feel and start to tell what body parts are kicking, poking and pushing out on my stomach. It's so wild how fast things have changed. The baby email updates that I get say that the babies are now sleeping in 30 minute intervals as to where before they would sleep all day.

One thing that hasn't changed is my lack of sleep. I swear I'm not tired at all and will stay up till 1am every night and wake up at 6:30am every morning. Since I am so big it's getting harder and harder to sleep. I wake up 3-5 times a night in pain. Either from a full bladder or a Charley horse in my leg/legs. This week I was getting them almost every night. They were so bad that they pulled both of my calf muscles. So nuts! 

Week 28 has been quite eventful. Not only did we have our baby Shower but 2 day's later we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary!!!! We saved the top to our wedding cake and couldn't wait to eat it. I was Aighttt........ A little too sweet though, it made me feel totally ill :-P  But it was cool and fun to unwrap the cake and eat it a year later :) This year Has gone by Soooo freakin fast it's blowing my mind. I might as well get all my x-mas shopping done now because I will have no time once the babies arrive. 

Behold! Some pictures from our baby shower 

This is a picture of Billy's car, mine was equally as full. My good friend Jessica (above to my right) has twins and she mentioned to me that we had to do a diaper raffle. And boy am I glad we did. I can say we easily got over 2,000+ diapers. Which are going to help us out soooo sooo much. I'm so grateful to have such wonderful, amazing, loving friends and family.  Thank you to everyone who came to our shower. :) It was so awesome to see and hang out with everyone.

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