Thursday, August 9, 2012

31 weeks Pregnant with Twin Boys!!!

31 weeks with twins!

So this week has been great. With being on maternity leave I’ve been pretty stress free. Things that are new this week are that I’m feeling extremely dehydrated more than ever. All I do all day is chug water, which means I have to pee about every 20 minutes. I’ve found that it’s getting super hard to get off the couch or out of bed. I literally look like a turtle stuck on its back Haha… Also other new things are that my stomach now sits on my legs when I sit down.  It’s such a weird feeling. I’ve also been having weird pregnancy dreams that I’m in high school and late for class. Or that I still work at the radio station and I get to my event to find I forgot to pack the van full of our gear. It seems like every night I dream about work or school. So weird and annoying. 

I just wanted to thank everyone for reading my blog. Within the last week I've gotten well over 5,000 blog hits :) You guys Rock!!!

So I’ve heard from a lot of mothers that before the baby arrives it’s a really good idea to rough up your nipples if you are going to be breast feeding. When I was told this I was like Wha wha whaaaaa… really? But yes it does make a lot of sense, I’ve been told to use a toothbrush in the shower or rub them roughly with a towel when you get out of the shower. I guess this is one of those Mommy secrets that only mothers talk about, because I’ve never in my life heard of mothers doing this.

I’m quite surprised that I have been so in to the Olympics this year. It’s great it’s all I/we watch and has been awesome because there is always something to watch on TV no matter what time it is.  I’ve also found myself watching a baby story crying on the couch. Hahaha… They also have a show called Make room for Multiples that I’m super excited to watch. I’ve been DVRing them and can’t wait to watch them. I’ve only seen one so far and this chic had 4 babies, freakin nuts!  

After watching Bringing home baby Friday I realized that I don’t know much about child birth. As in signs of labor and the process your body goes through when delivering a baby. So Saturday night after my 10 year high school reunion I decided to do some research and watch some videos. HOLY CRAP!!! I totally scared myself silly. I was soooo freaked out and posted something on facebook stating so. It was a bit of a relief that all my mommy friends reassured me that it’s not as bad as it sounds on paper and that everything will be fine. 

I decided since there is a good chance that I will be having a C-Section (because one baby is head down and the other is Breach) that I should research that as well.  Which doesn’t seem as bad, the only crappy thing is that I wouldn’t get to see the babies during the delivery or get to hold the babies right away. I guess time will tell what my little Baby B will do. I don’t think there is any room in my belly for him to flip. But the ultrasounds show that it’s still a possibility. 

On Tuesday we had an Ultrasound with the high risk facility. They measured the babies and we found that one baby is 3 pounds 12 oz. and the other baby is 3 pounds 8oz. Which means I have a whole lot of baby up in my belly and I’m totally feeling it.  We got their brains checked out again and I’m happy to announce that their brain fluid levels have totally leveled out and are measuring at 1cm or less. Woo Hoo! I’m so excited about that!  From this point forward I will be going to the High Risk facility once a week. 

This is a picture of Baby B. It’s not the clearest shot but we couldn’t get very clear shots of both of their faces. There were lots of shadows which means body parts blocking the ultrasounds view. It’s getting super crowded up in my belly.

I decided that I'm going to start measuring my stomach with a tape measure to see just how much my stomach will start growing during this third trimester. I have a feeling my stomach is about to get HUGE during the next few weeks. So at 31 weeks my stomach is measuring at 41 ½ inches. I look full term right now. People have been asking and are curious to if I have received any stretch marks yet. I’m happy to say No! No stretch marks as of yet (knocks on wood). I have been using Vitamin E oil for the last month and a half. It’s been working great. Other things I use are the Mama Mio line (the oil and the Belly butter). Along with other random coco butter lotions. I think the fact I've been drinking so much water has really helped considering I've read drinking water is #1 in stretch mark prevention. I'm sure that wont last for long though, my babies will almost double in size soon and I will soon get my tiger stripes. 

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