Tuesday, July 24, 2012

29 weeks and our high risk ultrasound.

29 weeks with Twin Boys!!!

Holy Moly my stomach keeps getting bigger and bigger. I've pretty much outgrown all of my shirts and I can only fit into maternity pants. Which I'm sure everyone is like Duhhh Gina! Hahhaa.. I'm definitely surprised I've gone this far being able to where my regular jeans :)

So life has been really really crazy for me this last week an a half. We found my replace and she is AWESOME!!! I'm so glad and relieved. We've been doing a ton of training and I've been working 11 1/2 hour days trying to get everything in order. I'm pretty stressed because I don't want to leave anything out. So this weekend I did a bunch of work from home so that I wouldn't get behind since I've had doctors appointments the last two days and couldn't put in a full 8 hours of work.  

Sunday night I got a call from my doctor asking how I was doing with the results of our last high risk Doctors appointment. She seemed pretty concerned and said we would go over it more Monday. If you don't know what I'm referring to please click here to read the scary test results we received.

So Monday we met with my Doctor, the one who will hopefully be delivering the babies. She wanted to go over the test results from our last high risk appointment. The results showed that the babies may have early signs of Hydrocephalus  which is extra fluid in the brain. A normal fetal brain has 1cm of fluid in the brain. Both of our babies brains had 1.1cm's of fluid. She then explained to us the game plan if the fluid increases. If the fluid reaches 1.3cm then we would need to deliver the babies ASAP and they would need to surgically drain the fluid in their brains to alleviate the pressure.

Now when I got this news yesterday I really understood why the Dr we met with at the High risk appointment reacted the way that he did (which I at the time took offense to). Now I don't really blame him because with the news I got last night I couldn't imagine having to sit on that and wait 2 weeks to see if it had gotten any worse.  So Billy and I took in the information.  I'm pretty sure he was as freaked as I was but we didn't really talk about it and tried to not worry ourselves sick. I silently freaked out a bit to myself and became a total space cadet and lost my disability paperwork that I needed to turn in today. Fortunately for me the Doctor found it at the office :) 

So today was the big day. I tried not to think about it and tried to stay focused at work for my temp, but it was really hard. I met Billy at the High Risk facility and we headed in to the appointment. We were both quiet and wide eye'd while the ultrasound tech scanned both babies. The Tech then said out loud their brains look good, I think you guys have nothing to worry about. She said it happens and normally baby's brains end up growing in to the fluid and leveling out. 

Next we had to then wait for the doctor to review the test results and give us the news. The doctor then came in, the same doctor that gave us the bad news for our last appointment. He said that everything looks good and as of right now they are out of the danger zone and the Fluid levels look healthy. They will continue to keep an eye on it, but as of now we shouldn't worry and that everything up to this point looks great. He told us my Doctor called him earlier in the day to see if we had come in yet and that she wanted to get the results cause she's really worried about us. God I love that woman She has been my doctor for the last 10 years and is AMAZING!!! 

YAY we are two happy parents. I was soooo happy that I came home and passed out. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and my mind could finally rest. If you have been reading my blogs then you know I've been having a really hard time sleeping, I'm realizing a lot of it has to do with stress and my mind going a mile a minute going over everything. Now that I know that babies are both healthy and looking fantastic I will definitely sleep better and hopefully be less of a space cadet at work.

Below are pictures from today of their little baby faces. They are so cute and look more and more like new born's every time I see them. They both have little pouty lips.  the First thing I thought when I saw these pictures was, "Hey nice duck faces boys!" haha.. j/k...kinda. 

I also came to the realization that ultrasound techs really love taking pictures and cracking jokes about babies privates. I swear I have more pictures of my kids junk then I do of their faces. No joke! If you where to give me two un-labeled pictures of their little Vienna sausages, I would be able to tell you which is Baby A and which is Baby B. hahaha.... But if you gave me 2 face shots I'd have no clue :)

Baby A

Baby B
This is such a great shot :-)

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