Wednesday, August 22, 2012

33 weeks pregnant and our trip to Labor and Delivery

33 weeks pregnant with Twins!!!!

Wow this week has been CRAZY!!! Lots and lots of changes, for instance last week I learned what a contraction felt like. Since then I’ve realized I get them quite often and then Tuesday began having strong back to back contractions three minutes apart that put me in the hospital. CRAZY! More on that later. I’ve felt that over the last week I feel more like I did before I got pregnant, my skin is more under control, my appetite has disappeared. Other things are I’m getting tired a lot faster when out and about, I get super out of breath very easy due to lack of lung space, also lower back pain, not too much but some and my nose is less stuffy. Oh but I have been super emotional I’ve noticed.

So Billy and I have been in full swing trying to get prepared for the twins. Sunday Billy put together all the baby equipment we have received, such as strollers, bouncers and rockers.  I organized the diapers by baby weight. Billy cleaned the carpets and I wiped down all the walls. Tuesday I headed to Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us and got everything we needed that we didn’t get from the baby shower and then some.  As of right now we are fully prepared and ready for the Twins. I’ve also gotten what I needed for my hospital overnight bag. I just need to actually pack the bag and put it all together. I even bought preemie clothes just in case they are super tiny and newborn outfits are too big to bring them home in.

So Tuesday (yesterday) was a crazy day. I’ve heard pregnant woman say you should really listen to your body because it will tell you what you really need to do. Me I’m super stubborn and didn’t really do that. Tuesday I wake up feeling absolutely horrible. I had horrible chest pain and horrible unbearable cramping and pain in my stomach. My first thought was, Shit!!!!!!!!!! This is so not good or right. This is not normal and the thought crossed my mind, could this be the day? Then I talked myself out of it and tried to “walk it off” Literally and began walking around the house seeing if I felt any better. Which I did after a while, I ate breakfast and decided to then get ready and get out to Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us to gather the last few things we needed to get before the babies arrive. Something told me you need to do this ASAP.

So I get to Buy Buy Baby and feel fine, then get to Babies R Us and begin to not feel so hot. I began getting really bad hot flashes and began to get super irritable. At one point I wanted to cry because I was super frustrated and only had 1 hour to shop before my appointment and was so scatterbrained that I didn’t know how I was going to get it all done and there were 5 screaming kids running amuck in the store. I calmed myself and made sure to ask for help whenever I saw an employee.  

So once I was done there I head straight to my doctor’s appointment to meet Billy. We had a Non Stress test and an Ultrasound scheduled. So they hook my belly up and I guess I was having contractions but I was so out of it thinking, OMG did I get everything I needed. (I was so concerned because you can only use the registry completion coupon once to get a big discount and right now every penny counts since I’m not working) The nurse was like your having an awful lot of contractions. And I see Billy’s eyes light up cause the contraction I was having went up to 80+ on the scale. I didn’t even know what he was looking at and the nurse explained what was going on and where on the screen was the heart beats and contraction meter.

So then all of a sudden they start coming sooner and sooner and begin getting stronger and stronger. The nurse took the paper print out of the twin’s heart beats and the contractions to a Doctor at the high risk facility. There are about 5 Doctors on staff and every time you go there you get whatever doctor is available at that time. So we got the doctor that I really like. She came in and was like I need to get you in to your ultrasound and I then need you to go in to Labor and Delivery because your contractions are 3 minutes apart and I need to make sure that you are not in labor. She told me that I looked so mellow and relaxed that it made her feel a whole lot better because she expected to see me a little disheveled.  My first thought was, “No, this is not right, this is way too soon.” I felt as if I was going to start crying but I held back the tears.

So we go in to the ultrasound and the ultrasound tech was a guy we have never had before. He barely spoke any English which was a bit frustrating because I didn’t know what he was doing or looking for this week. I asked him but could only understand him say Brain. I thought nooo I hope you didn't take bath salts, jk!!! I asked him to please take pictures of their faces for me because this could very well be their last ultrasound and I really wanted to have one last picture. He was only able to get a shot of Baby A’s face and unfortunately couldn’t get Baby B’s face because it was being covered with body parts since they are so crowded in there. He speeds through the ultrasound and gets gel all over my shirt Grrrr… it was literally a 5 minute ultrasound. I was totally bummed because I was really looking forward to seeing them and how much they have grown. But he said you need to get to the hospital. He then rips off the pictures and I hear him say I couldn’t get his face but I got his Mer..mer..mer I couldn’t understand him. I then look at the pictures and it was 2 shots of baby A’s face and one picture of Baby B’s junk. I was like, figures haha…  Like I’ve said before Tech’s love takingpictures of babies junk. Haha…

I edited these pictures but for some reason there not transferring over. Sorry for the background :-P

Over the last 2 weeks I can totally see a difference in the face it looks like Baby A put on some weight.

And of course Baby B's Junk

So the Doctor comes in and says things look good and sent us off to the hospital. Lucky for us I scheduled a tour of the Labor and Delivery center and NICU on Friday for next Monday so I had all the information in my phone. So we were all prepared and knew where to go. GO US!!!

We check in and get registered with the hospital and they give us a huge Labor and delivery room it was seriously awesome.  So we get our nurse who was super cool and friendly. She then hooks me up to the monitors and sees that I’m still having contractions 3 minutes apart. So they monitor me for an hour. Then give me a test called a Fetal Fibronectin that informs them if I am going in to pre-term labor and will let them know as far as 2 weeks out. Oh technology you are so freakin awesome. I also gave a urine sample and they hooked me back up to the monitors.  We then had to wait 1 hour for the test results to come back. During that hour the contractions slowed down a lot and spread themselves out.

Billy looking a little nervous 

 Getting my bed prepped 

All connected and ready to be monitored I kept staring at the infant station across from me. It was a trip.

Me a little scared but trying to relax

Waiting on the test results

A panoramic view of our big room

Next thing I know my Favorite Dr. arrives.  She is my Dr that will be delivering my babies. She then takes a look at everything and has the test results and informs us that they came back negative for pre-term labor. THANK GOD!  She said the urine test came back positive for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). She said UTI’s can inflame the bladder which will irritate the uterus and cause you to have contractions.  Who knew? I was shocked but it does scare me a little because I have one Kidney (if you haven’t noticed the giant scar in all my belly pictures) and it makes me wonder if everything is okay with my kidney.  

She told me drink more water and cranberry juice. I think are you kidding me, how can I drink more water then I already do. Do they really want me to live on the toilet? I already pee every 20 minutes as it is. She then gets the paper work together and releases us from the hospital. The good thing is we now know exactly what to do and where to go once I really go in to labor and I’m now pre-registered with the hospital. Yay!
As soon as I got out of the hospital bed I realized I was in a lot of pain due to all the contractions.  The best way to explain it is it feels like menstrual cramps or for boys really bad stomach lower cramps (maybe like getting kicked in the groin, but I wouldn't know the feeling). Plus my hamstrings were super cramped up also. It was super weird and made me think, wow it’s almost time, this baby stuff is no joke.

While in the hospital I was contacted by our friend Kamran who is suppose to be doing my maternity shoot. So we locked down a date for this Friday just in case the babies come sooner then expected. I thought that was funny because that was one of the first things I thought of when I was laying in the hospital bed. I was like I can’t have them yet I haven’t had my Maternity Photo Shoot and I haven’t gotten a video of them moving around in my belly (which I would like to share with everyone). So I’m glad to be home. Although I’m still having contractions it’s good to know that there not serious yet and my doctor told us that we will use the contractions that I had as something to base future contractions off of.  If they become more serious than the ones I had and become frequent again then we need to come in to the hospital. Sounds like a good game plan to me.

Today we have a Dr. appointment with my OBGYN for my prenatal appointment and to go over what happened yesterday and possibly plan out my C-Section, we will soon see. This is all getting so real. I can’t believe how fast my pregnancy has gone by and can believe the babies will be here so soon. 

And last but not least I have my weekly Belly measurement.

Yet again my stomach has grown another half inch. Last week I measured in at an even 42 inches. It's so crazy because I feel like I'm getting bigger, but to actually see it on measuring tape is pretty nuts. As of right now the twins are putting on a half a pound a week each. So that's one full pound of baby growth a week. Wowzer! My stomach is getting pretty heavy.


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