Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 25 and today's echocardiogram appointment

25 weeks Pregnant with Twins

Time is just flying by, the twins will be here before we know it. The only thing that has changed in the last week is that my pants no longer fit and my thighs got huge with what seems like over night. It must be all the ice cream I've been eating :)  I really need to watch that and get back on my healthy regimen aka no ice cream, cookies and candy. I bought a ton of fruit today to help with my sugar cravings. And what did I do....make a banana split. haha... Oh brother! I've gained 20 pounds during my pregnancy so far. I hope to gain no more then 15 more pounds but I'm not really worried about it as long as the babies and I are healthy that's all that matters to me. 

So today was the last of our BIG ultrasound tests. Today the boys each got a Echocardiogram. Which is an  ultrasound to make sure all 4 chambers of the heart are functioning properly and that there are no holes in their hearts, since that is a risk with the type of identical twins that they are. The results are in and each baby has a strong healthy heart. I believe the doctor said, "Their hearts look FANTASTIC!". Woo Hoo.. Man these kids are winners. 

It's a huge relief knowing that up until this point we have had no problems and that with all their crazy in-depth ultrasounds we find that they are both healthy, the same size and weight and just all around doing great. It's really more then we could hope and ask for. 

The scary news we got today is that we are not out of the clear of the possibility of twin to twin transfusion which can be fatal. To keep an eye on this we will be getting ultrasounds every 2 weeks up until their born. What I mean is if they find there is twin to twin transfusion and they catch it in time before its fatal there is a way to surgically close the part of the placenta with lasers that is transferring infected blood from one baby to the other. Oh technology! 

I'm really pleased with the High Risk Pregnancy Facility we are going to. They are located in Campbell next to the Pruneyard. I feel like we are in really great hands and are being well taken care of. 

Baby B wasn't really working with us today to get a good profile shot. As normal he was super chill and sleeping soundly.He's got a cute little chin.

The picture below is a frontal shot of Baby A's face. which is really hard to make out besides the eye socket.   

Here's a fun twin fact: Baby A and Baby B can change at anytime. Baby A means that that baby is closest to the cervix and if I were to go in to labor today Baby A would be born first (if naturally) because he is head down and closest to the Vageeg!  Baby B is currently breached and his head is up near my ribs. At any time Baby B can flip and be head down as well. If Baby B flips and is closer to the cervix than Baby A. Then Baby B will then become Baby A and Baby A will then take the title of Baby B. They can switch titles multiple times through out the pregnancy. So far the boys have stayed put and have kept their titles of who is who. Kinda neat huh?

Below is a cute little picture of Baby A's profile. He totally has Billy's nose and my lips. I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to meet the little guy. 

I was super excited because our last ultrasound was opposite in that Baby B was cooperating and Baby A was not. With the last ultrasound we had we could not get a profile shot of Baby A. I do think that they look different in that Baby A's lips are bigger then Baby B's, but who knows, it could be the angle in that the picture was taken.  

Below is another shot from today of Baby A. He's got his hand in his mouth. 

Here is a Picture of Baby B at 22 Weeks if you would like to compare :)

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