Tuesday, June 19, 2012

24 weeks aka 6 months Pregnant with twins

6 Months Pregnant with Twins

Oh my my... My stomach is getting bigger by the day Holy Cow. Lots of changes with in the last week. I no longer can fit in to my clothes :( All my shirts are to small and I can no longer fit in to my size 5-7 jeans (ha go figure). Boo. I can fit in to 9's the bad thing is I just got rid of all my 9's and gave them to the hope foundation. Time to bust out the maternity clothes my sister in law lent to me :) 

Other changes I have heart burn all the time now because my stomach is sitting high making room for the babies. Bending over is super hard. My balance is off and I find myself putting a lot of pressure on my heels. Which means my feet are in constant pain and a little swollen by the end of the day, not to bad though. Other things are that my lower back is always achy. It's getting really hard to drive turning to look to change lanes or looking back to back up my car is a pretty big challenge. A lot of it has to do with me being short and having a bigger car. 

Some exciting things are that the babies are always moving. They are so strong and kick the crap out of me. I will be working and all of a sudden my stomach starts moving like crazy and popping up all over the place and changing shapes. It's very cool and exciting. It's definitely a crazy feeling. Before I got pregnant I always wondered what it felt like to feel a baby move in your belly. Well I must say I never imagined it would feel like this. It's a lot of pressure and feels like I've got extra bones that don't allow my to move in the directions that come naturally. It's really hard to explain :)

(Happening Now)
Baby A trying to escape

And last but not least sleep... Recently I became a restless sleeper. I'd wake up on my back (which is bad) with leg cramps and a tweaked shoulder. It was definitly becoming a challenge to sleep and I'd wake up multiple times through out the night in a ton of pain. Sometimes the pain alone would wake me up. All Bad, until Saturday when Billy bought me this awesome Pregnancy pillow called the Snoogle. This thing is AMAZING! I've been sleeping through the night not waking up once. I don't know how I ever slept with out it. It's huge but works wonders. Best buy ever!  We got it at Buy Buy Baby this weekend while finishing our registry's. 

I found these ADORABLE baby hats at Babies R Us. LOVE!!!!

This week the babies are 6 months in Utero Woo Hoo. Their about 1.5 pounds a piece :) This is what they look like today :) It's crazy to think they will be here in 3 months....or less. It's really nerve racking for me. I feel unprepared mentally. But I ask myself is any new mother mentally prepared for a baby let alone 2? I think not! But the thought is terrifying to me. It's a reality check that I'm a parent now and soon I will be in charge of 2 little lives. I just don't want to fail or let anyone down. I know that wont be the case, I just want to be a good parent. I'm my own worst critic.  

Time for Bed! Ni Night!!! Thanks for reading <3


  1. You are simply amazing! I miss you!

    1. Thanks Mel I miss you too!!! It's been way to long.