Wednesday, September 5, 2012

35 weeks with Twins! This is my Last blog post before the babies arrive.

35 weeks pregnant with the Twins

Billy and I on Saturday (35 weeks Preggo)

So I have big news. This will be my last pregnancy post before the babies arrive.  I know a lot of people have enjoyed following my pregnancy with the twins and I’m oh so very grateful for the love and support everyone has shown me. I can’t tell you how many times I have had people tell me when I’m out and about how much they love my blog and love following my pregnancy, it’s very flattering. Thank you all for the support you have shown me.

So I get a lot of comments from people saying I bet your ready to have them or you must be miserable at this point in your pregnancy. But to tell you the truth I really love being pregnant. I’ve had such an easy pregnancy with the twins. I know that’s very hard to believe but it’s been really great. I’ve enjoyed every second of it. I really am going to miss it. Although the last 2 weeks have been pretty difficult it’s still not that bad.

So I have a lot to write about. I have I huge announcement that I will get to later but first I will start off with new symptoms I’ve had this week. First off I will say I’ve had lots and lots of contractions and big ones at that.  They are a lot more painful and take my breath away. Sleeping and lying down is becoming painful and difficult, my stomach feels sooo heavy and turning from one side to the other while lying down has been really difficult.  Pillows are my best friend. As of Sunday my stomach has dropped a bit. So it makes it harder to sit and walk. I feel like I’m sitting on the babies or body parts, It’s a really weird feeling.  I officially walk and waddle like a pregnant lady with full on huffing and puffing and moans and groans. Hahaha…. I also can’t tell if I’ve just gained weight or what but I feel like overnight this week my thighs grew huge. I don’t know if they are swollen or if it’s because I stopped working out a month ago and all those trips to Yogurtland have gone straight to my thighs.  Also the twins are growing at a rapid rate and that has left me in a ton of pain.  In which the pain makes me super nauseous.

This is what my couch has looked like for the last 3 months. I LOVE PILLOWS!!!

During my pregnancy I've tried to take really good care of myself. I'm a vegetarian for one so I've tried pretty hard to make sure I get enough vitamins and protein. I take these expensive ass Vegan prenatal pills from whole foods to make sure I'm not missing out on the essentials. I have not eaten any fast food through out my entire pregnancy (nor do I ever eat fast food). I try to eat right and healthy and I'm pretty lucky I haven't had a huge appetite during my pregnancy. I was working out but not very much and pretty lightly since I'm high risk. My pre pregnancy weight was 134 my current weight is 167 for a total gain of 33 pounds. Not to bad if I say so myself.

So I wanted to show you what my body does when I have a contraction. Yes it's actually visual. 

So this is what my belly normally looks like, nice and round. 

When I have a contraction it feels like a huge cramp and my stomach (uterus) gets super tight and changes shape. Kinda like a Charley horse where you can see your leg muscle cramp up.

This is my stomach during a contraction

Crazy Huh!!!! 

So since I have so much to write about I will try to go in order by day. So last week I scheduled myself a pregnancy massage. This was the first “professional” massage I have ever had. Why you ask, because I hate them and I don’t like people touching me aka rubbing my shoulders.  If you try I will spazz out and ask you to stop. I freakin hate it. So I go to the prenatal massage and the lady that did my massage was in her mid 50’s and very chatty. She couldn’t believe I was carrying twins and said I look better then all of her singleton patents. Well this woman talked my ear off the whole time and did not talk about peaceful stress free things. She talked about labor and her pregnancy and whenever there was a quiet moment she would say hummm what else should we talk about. I left there feeling exactly the same as I did when I walked in and super confused like what the hell just happened. The massage was not good at all either. She was super nice but I would never ever go back to her or recommend her.  She was even drinking a togo’s soda and checked her cell phone. WTF????

I just got a few pictures back from my Maternity Photo shoot. I can’t wait to see the rest.  But here are a few shots. The photographer that did the photo shoots name is Kamram Zohoori, his website is . This photo shoot was a solo shoot with yours truly. Like I said, I can’t wait to see the other shots we got and I can’t wait to put a few of them in the nursery.

Here are a few photo's

This one came out really good you can actually see Baby B & A's little heads on their ultrasound pictures

So I’ve been thinking lately how the hell am I going to breast feed? I know its totally normal but as a new mother I’m like ehhhh.... It just seems so awkward and different.  The human body is an amazing thing. Not only can I make little humans but I can produce food for them and nurse them in to big babies. Sorry if I sound like a crazy person haha.. It’s just one of those things where I think WOW this is really about to happen. So this weekend I started researching on youtube and in my pregnancy books how to breast feed. I was so shocked at all the video’s I found of women totally topless and care free walking through all the steps of what works best for them for breast feeding and showing step by step what they do. I found one with a woman who demonstrated how she feeds her twins at the same time it was very cool.  I’ve also be researching how to care for circumcised babies. I mean there are just all these little things you have to think about and I totally want to be prepared. I hear parenting is a lot of trial and error and that lots of thing come naturally. I know Billy and I will make great parents, it’s just scary having such a huge new responsibility. 

Sooooooo I filmed a video. Ohhhh snap, yes I did. This video is of the babies heartbeats, I haven’t told a soul about this video till now haha… It’s gotten 63 hits since Sunday, woo hoo I’m famous…j/k. This video is of me using the fetal doppler that Billy’s parents got me for my birthday back in May. In May I was about 5 months pregnant I think and was still not feeling the babies move because my placenta has attached itself in the front of my uterus. Which means every time they would kick or move they were kicking placenta which cushioned the blow and left me feeling nothing most of the time. You would think with 2 babies I would be feeling lots of movement but really I was not. It wasn’t till about 5 ½ to 6 months where I felt them all the time.  So this video is pretty crazy in that I’m not wearing any makeup what so ever. I’m just chillin in shorts and a sports bra, yes that’s how you know I’m pregnant. My old self would NEVER be seen in person, a photo let alone a video with no makeup on.  My face is getting puffy from the pregnancy and the angles aren’t very flattering. But what the hell, I really don’t give a rip. Haha.. So here it is a video of the babies heartbeats on the fetal Doppler. They are both different tones, I figured someone would get a kick out of it. Enjoy!

So here is the HUGE news! If you’ve read this far, thanks! I know this is a really long blog. I just have so much to get out being my last pregnancy blog. Any who, like every Tuesday we have our Non Stress test for the babies. This time they were both pulling a Baby B from last week and there heart beats weren’t really fluctuating. The tech told me they like their heart rates to go up and down at least 4 times between 120-154 beats during the NST. So this time I made sure to shake my belly and drink cold water and sure enough that woke them up. Woo hoo. She said if I couldn’t get them to wake up she was going to buzz them. Which I guess is a giant vibrating buzzer that wakes them up. This week they monitored them for almost an hour, which was sooo boring.  But I’m glad everything went well.

This is my view for all my Non Stress Tests, It's the corner of Hamilton and Bascom next to the Classic Car wash. 

We then head in to our ultrasound for their growth test. I’ve been looking forward to this ultrasound for a very long time because we got to find out how much the babies weigh.  So what they do during this type of ultrasound is measure all their body parts, head, belly, legs etc. and then come up with an estimated weigh of each baby. So the Babies have gotten really big in the last month Baby A is 5.6oz and Baby B is 5.15oz. Which means I have 11 pounds of full on baby weight in my belly. Last month the babies weighed 3.8 and 3.12.  

So I bet you can’t guess who my ultrasound tech was this time. My BFF, the broken English guy! UGH! He was really nice to us because we have seen him the last 3 weeks in a row, but man this guy is just a sloppy ultrasound tech. He sprays the gel out super high so that it splatters all over the place and gets on my clothes and even face. Like really bro?  He must be new because my last 3 ultrasounds have been horrible and painful with this guy. Anyway he managed to take a penis photo and a photo of Baby A’s head J which I was really happy about but as you can see his photo skills aren’t that great he took 3 of the same shots and its only half of the baby’s head.  But I will say their heads have gotten so big in the last month. So we finish the ultrasound and the Doctor comes in, this time we got the doctor I really like. She said everything looked good but didn’t want me going past my scheduled delivery date which is September 17th.  So all seemed well and we leave the High Risk Facility.  

Baby A's big Ol Head hahah...
It's hard to believe how big the babies have gotten here is a picture of them cuddling at 12 weeks. You can see their little baby heads. 


This is where we get a phone call that changes everything. We drive over to Billy’s parent’s house and while I’m hanging out in the kitchen talking to His mom and sister Billy runs in and tells us all to be quiet.  We all were a little confused because we didn’t know why or who was on the phone. But then Billy says okay go on what do you have to tell us, I have Gina here (he was on speaker phone). The doctor then goes on to say that after we left she started to go over the ultrasounds and the measurements of each baby and found that Baby A is not developing at the same rate as Baby B. Baby B’s measurements right now are normal and on point for a 35 week old fetus. But Baby A’s belly measurements are 2 weeks behind and not growing at the rate it should be, his legs are 1 week behind and is head is on point and measuring just fine. She said that it looks as though the blood flow is being delivered to the brain just fine but it doesn’t look like his blood flow being distributed to all of his organs properly.

She said at this point she doesn’t think that it’s causing a huge threat to where we need to take them out right away but said she was going to suggest to my doctor that she take them out next week. This made me instantly start to cry. Billy’s sister and mom then hugged me while we listened to the doctor continue on.  Billy told her that we have an appointment with my doctor that will be delivering our babies Wednesday (TODAY) and that she should call her tonight and tell her the test results so that she can reschedule our C-Section ASAP and we can go over everything with her. She then says she’ll call her right away and hung up.

 Well I didn’t find out till 10pm Tuesday night that I had a missed call on my phone and had a voicemail. So I listened and to my surprise my doctor had rescheduled my C-Section within 15 minutes of that phone call. Sooooooooo my new delivery date has been rescheduled. The babies will be delivered at 36 weeks on Monday September 10th at 7:30am. Which means I have 5 more days of being pregnant. Its so surreal I just can’t believe it.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I was going to keep my blog up after the babies are born. My answer is maybe but I don’t think I’ll have time. I will definitely do a delivery blog with how everything went and the whole experience through my eyes.  As for 1 blog a week, I don’t know if I will have time.  But I’m sure if I have a moment I will blog about life as a twin mom. I guess time will tell, I will be a walking zombie. Haha….

So I've decided that I wanted to write out a birth plan for my C-Section. I know most people don’t for C-sections but there are a few things that I want for my delivery and so below is what I will be requesting. I’m sure that all these things come with labor and delivery but I’ve never done this before and want to make sure these things are available to me.

Mother to be: Gina Young 

Partner (Husband): Billy Young
Practitioner: Dr. K….
Due Date: September 10th 2012

Partner (Billy) present at all times while transferring mother and babies to and from surgery and during the surgery.

I would like a spinal/epidural for anesthesia. I would like the catheter to be placed after the anesthesia has taken effect.

I would like to see the birth of my babies, please lower curtain so I can view the babies emerging. We would like to take photographs of the baby immediately after the birth.

Free one hand for me to touch the babies if possible.

After Delivery:
I plan on breast feeding once the babies and I are reunited in the recovery room.  I would like assistance establishing a correct latch at the breast and establishing a breast feeding routine with a lactation nurse on staff.

I would like my babies to be circumcised prior to us being released from the hospital.

So yeah that’s it, short and sweet. Hopefully I will get all my requests especially the curtain. If I could I would request a mirror so I could see the operation taking place but Billy said No hahaha… He can’t hang with that. So I will just request them to lower the curtain so we can see the babies right after their pulled out.  

My belly measurements this week are in, since last week my belly has grown 3/4th's of an inch and measuring at 44 inches. As you can see my stomach is really red and irritated because I've gotten the dreaded pregnancy rash as of last night. F-Word!!!! It's soooooo itchy and painful. I don't know how I'm going to wear a shirt to go to the doctor. I might rap my stomach with saran wrap. 

Well I’d better rap things up. Again I’ve really appreciated everyone’s love and support throughout my whole pregnancy. I’m so lucky to have such a great response from everyone.  I really didn’t think I’d get the response that I’ve gotten. I mean I’ve gotten 1,300+ blog hits in the last 2 weeks alone. Never when I started this blog did I think that would ever happen. I figured I would write this blog and my close friends and family would read it. I didn't want to bore everyone who was uninterested with long Facebook posts of what's going on with my body. I’m so greatful, thank you all for coming along on this journey with me. The next time I  post here you will be seeing 2 identical twin baby boys. 

Their Nursery


  1. Gina!!! I've loved reading your blog and so happy to hear that the twins are coming soon. I will be praying for you and will light a candle for you guys. May you rest easy and I can't wait to see the young twins <3<3

    1. Thank you Erica, That means a lot! I can't wait to hold them. They are going to be soooo tiny :)

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